Kimmy in Memoriam


kim nailene

(Kimberly Hackman Dec. 12, 1994-April 28, 2016)

Kimberly Hackman went through a lot in her short life.  She had six surgeries as a young child along with speech and motor issues that she never completely overcame but Kimmy wasn’t about her limitations.  She was full of grit and determination and joy and humor.  She loved to dance, tell jokes and play pranks.

Kimmy had great observational skills and was a masterful student of people and body language. She noticed the slightest change in any room she was in or any person she was around with a ‘Holmesian” keenness.    She had enormous empathy when someone was in pain and would rub their shoulders and pat their arms in a consoling manner to make them feel better. Good luck hiding your feelings.  You couldn’t hide anything from her.

She had a wicked, teasing sense of humor.  Other than “no”, her favorite word was “why” and she’d quiz me for long periods on any subject with repeated interjections of it until I’d answered the question at hand to her apparent satisfaction.  She’d then nod her head, look at me and say “why” and the interrogation would begin all over again to her great amusement.  If she started to get bored with something, she’d speed away with an abruptly uttered “bye” and I’d hastily trail after her trying to keep up.  She’d often call me over and give me an enormous hug and kiss for no reason at all, just because she loved me.

She was tough and funny and willful and brought a smile to the face of pretty much everyone she met. (She loved people.)  Kimmy was the picture of warmth and vivacity, which helps make this so hard to take – but she wasn’t sentimental, never stayed sad for long and never felt sorry for herself.  I’m trying to be like her right now.

 Kimmy passed away in her sleep this past Wednesday.

    Anthony Briskin (Kimmy’s very proud and trying hard not to be very sad uncle.)

Love you forever sweet girl!!!


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8 thoughts on “Kimmy in Memoriam

  1. Ali Cohen

    I’ll miss you so much Kimmy and i’ll miss your laughing and smiling face. love ali cohen

    1. Mitch and Merri Gelbard

      I only met Kimmy once at Neil’s home and she did indeed light up the room. I know how very much Neil and his wonderful wife loved Kimmy and we send our VERY heart felt condolences.

  2. Rich Palmer

    Kimmy was a beautiful soul who captured our hearts from the first time we met and for 14 + years. She was our fifth daughter and a joy to be with and we loved her so

    Rich & Stephanie

  3. Kori Murphy

    Kimmy lit up the world with her charm, laughter, love and smile. She touched me from the moment we met, and I have been grateful to be in her life since. The stars will shine a little brighter now as this angel smiles down on us.

  4. torii15 Post author

    Yesterday some of your friends at the Healing Hearts Club Night planted seeds embedded in paper that had messages to you written on them, your mom, dad and sister left a little memory of you in a place that you loved and Kyra and Kori sent beautiful flowers. You are so missed by everyone who knew you! I hope that some of what went on put a smile on your face and gave you a giggle. So many things did. No one ever had as much sense of fun as you. I miss you so MUCH. Love you forever my sweet girl.:)


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