Winter 2017 Classes


Healing Hearts for Kids of all Abilities winter 2017 Schedule


“Healing Hearts Recreational  Social Division” is dedicated to improving the lives of children with a wide range of developmental disabilities and neuro-motor challenges.  However, classes are open to children of all abilities.  “Healing Hearts” staff has vast experience in education and the acquisition of play, sensory and motor/sensory skills.  Each class emphasizes  the importance of peer interaction while increasing language skills through age appropriate activities.


After-school Homework Help & Fitness

Healing Hearts after school program is available for children and teens of all abilities. The after school program offers individualized support for those who may have difficulty getting started and staying focused on their homework while providing a friendly and fun environment. BreakThru provides the fitness which includes Krav Maga, Boot Camp for Kids and assisted free play in the Sensory Gym. For an additional fee, individuals can join the Dance and additional classes offered through Healing Hearts. ( BreakThru has a gym with kid sized cardio and strength training requirement.)


Each activity emphasizes the importance of peer interaction and building strong friendships. Social Skills are addressed in a natural and supportive way throughout the classes.

Mon-Fri (After-school to 6pm)              Throughout the School Year

Monthly Cost:

5 Days/Week


4 Days/Week


3 Days/Week


2 Days/Week




Dance is great fun, good for you both physically and mentally developing strength, agility and self-confidence!


Cost: $300 per12wk session


 Dungeons & Dragons


Be a wizard, a warrior, an elf.  battle monsters and participate in adventures both small and large in scope with the greatest role-playing game yet to be devised.  Dungeons & Dragon is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game.  Each player is assigned a specific character to play.  These characters embark in imaginary adventures within a fantasy setting.  It involves some math skills for which players can use a calculator.  Imagination required.



Cost: $125 (10 Sessions)


Saturdays 10am-12pm 1/14/2017 


Healthy Choices

Fitness, & cooking fun.  It begins with a cooking section that sometimes lends proof to the idea that “the journey is more important than the destination” interspersed with and followed by periods of games, play and fitness activities.


When: Thursdays  4:30pm – 6pm

Begins  1/12/2017


Cost: $130 for each10  week session


Sports Skills Express

Play ball!  Play games!  Move to the beat!   Have fun while developing motor skills and hand/eye coordination.  (The priority is always on fun. ) with the very creative, coordinated and kid friendly  Andre Woodberry.  (Andre is a prolific Sports Skills Instructor and Assistant Coach at the Elementary School level as well as a talented personal trainer)

For kids of all abilities aged 8 and up.

Sundays.  Beg. 1/15/2017  , 2:30-3:15pm

Cost: $ 140 for each10 week session

Zumba & “Lunch Bunch”

 Lunch Bunch”  begins at 12:15pm with games, movies, play, chat and  general fun.  The kids decide the activities themselves.  (Children bring their own lunch but snacks are provided. )  “Zumba” begins at 1:15pm and it’s dance, dance, dance with  Zumba instructor par excellence Andrea Dempson!  The kids choose the music.

Saturdays 12:15pm – 2:15pm

Each10 wk. Session: $250



Practical Self Defense for Kids

 Through the use of drills and games, children learn life skills, self-reliance and self-defense along with discipline, focus, common sense and respect for others.

This program will enhance their strength, flexibility and confidence levels. Classes end with Stranger Danger Awareness Drills where flash cards are used to develop instinctive responses to dangerous situations.  (This class will be helmed by Andre Woodbury, a Krav Maga Instructor and Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, as well as an engaging and talented teacher.)


Sunday 1:30-2:15pm

Begins 1/15/2017 10 classes  $200


 Group Fitness

Certified professional trainer Kimberly Colletto leads a  fitness training session consisting of a small group of up to 4 people.  Activities include cardio,strength training, core training and balance training Individual training in a group. See Kim


(Private Training is available at $85 per session or $800 for 10 sessions)