What happens at Club Night?

The young people are usually given the opportunity to participate in several different activities. Most nights have a theme with a craft or activity associated with it. Activities are as inclusive as possible. If someone is not able to participate in an activity there are always alternative activities offered. The fitness center and equipment are available every week. There is usually a physical game such as basketball, kickball or wallball going on in the big gym. There is always an opportunity for participants to just sit and chill with friends. Participants can do as much or as little as they want. Teen and adult volunteers are on hand to assist and to model good peer to peer social interaction.

Can my child come for just part of the night?


My child’s birthday is coming up – can I bring a cake?

We love birthdays and celebrations in general. You bring the cake or any special dessert and we will bring the festivities. If you would like to decorate with a particular theme you are welcome to bring decorations, otherwise we have generic birthday decorations we will use. (There is no charge for a birthday celebration for a Healing Hearts participant.) Please let us know 2-3 weeks in advance.

Can my child bring a friend?

Yes, they may bring a friend at a reduced cost of $15.00. My child has food allergies. Can they still attend? Yes, please make us aware of any and all food allergies and we will make all reasonable accommodations. We will make sure all staff and volunteers are made aware. Dinner is most often cheese pizza, salad and dessert.

Do I have to volunteer my time?

No. Healing Hearts is run by volunteers but we understand the extra strain that parenting children with special needs can place on parents. If you just can’t make it to volunteer your time please consider helping out in another way. We are always seeking donations of supplies, dinner preparations, and suggestions for activities. Consider sitting on our board of directors or on one of our committees. Contact any board member for ideas or see our donation wish list on the Support Us page.

My child has an aide

Your child’s aide is welcome to join us. There is no charge for the aide to attend and they are welcome to eat dinner with us.

Does my child need to bring his/her aide?

The answer differs from child to child. Give Kim a call to discuss particulars.

My child can’t come every week – is that ok?

Club Nights are run on a drop in basis. We appreciate RSVPs to our e-mail blast (usually on Wednesdays) but walk ins are always welcome.