Healing Hearts is a wonderful safe  place where children of all ages and abilities are welcome for all kinds of activities and fun.

Tina C – Allie’s Mom 25

Healing Hearts means everything to Kristen.  It’s a fun and activity filled time with friends every week. Healing Hearts is a  welcoming extended family to hang out with. We have made some wonderful parent-friends there too.  We love you and thank you for always being there

Patsy S – Kristen’s Mom

Healing Hearts……….what do I say.  
This has been my son’s home away from home for the past 6 years.  Kim has always made my son feel like he belongs.  Her entire staff is loving, nurturing but most of all protective of not just my son but all the young people who enter those doors.  My son, Elijah initially started going there on Friday nights.  I was apprehensive at first because we, my husband and I were away from my son other than for school.  We quickly saw that healing hearts was and still is a good fit for him.  
There are many programs that Elijah is involved in at the facility.  He has learned and mastered Krav Maga with a great teacher and friend, Mr. Tom.  He is now boxing with Jesse.  He is awkward but he loves it because he tells me that all of the other boxers are supportive and give him pointers.  My son always comes home with a smile on his face when he comes from healing hearts.  That makes my heart feel good.  They have many groups coming in to volunteer and perform.  They just had the Irish steppers and he was ecstatic.  What do I say about Kim.  LOL.  In my family she is known as his second mother.  She is supportive, trusting and someone who I can reach out to when I need help with “our son”.  I never doubt that when my son goes there that he is safe and will be taken care of.  HEALING HEARTS will help heart the heart.  I thank Kim for taking the time to take the time to give so much of herself to these young people…
We stumbled upon Healing Hearts in our search for a physical trainer for my daughter with special needs.
After working at the gym with Kim Colletto, she suggested that we check out the Healing Hearts club night on Friday night. Well we did and it was as if a door was opened for my daughter. A door into an amazing group of young adults and volunteers that added a new dimension of happiness through social acceptance for my daughter!
Healing Hearts filled a void in my daughter’s life that unfortunately is never filled for many young adults with special needs.
The love and compassion that Kim Colletto and the staff and volunteers bring to the program is only matched by the love that they get back from those they serve! Long live Healing Hearts!
John R – Sarah’s Dad 39